Members of the National Union of Teachers at The John Fisher School have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action following a breakdown of talks John Fisherwith the management of the school. Teachers will strike on 8th March after being refused merit pay rises under the performance pay system.

Teachers successfully went through the appraisal process but were shocked to find that they were turned down because the school claimed it had spent the money on other things and couldn’t afford to pay.

Union representatives were told that unexpected costs and parents failing to pay £60,000 into the school fund meant that the school could not afford the pay progression of teaching staff.

John Fisher NUT Rep. Richard McKenzie said:

‘Last year teachers worked very hard to achieve the best for the boys at John Fisher School. They were assessed on the work they did and were found to be good, with some being outstanding.

We fully expected the pay progression which the school promised us under our performance scheme. But we were told by the head teacher that the school had no money to pay us.

We appealed and asked the head to reconsider, but the reply was the same. Finally, after the head failed reach agreement with union representatives, we decided to take strike action.

What we want is the salary we which is due to us  – and which the school budgeted  for a year ago. the teachers have fulfilled their responsibilities to full – the school must do the same.

Sutton NUT Secretary Andy Gibbons said: ‘We are told by the government that teachers will be rewarded for hard work – but this is the reality. We have consistently tried to get the school to pay the teachers the money they were promised. We go on strike as a last resort, but our members are determined to get what is their due.

‘We will continue to keep the door open for talks, but unless our members in the school are treated fairly the strike action will continue. I appeal to the Head Teacher and the Governing Body  – pay your staff what they are owed and end this dispute now.’

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