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13510920_1703722046547511_7195364799634482668_nThe Government’s new Education for All Bill continues to show they have the wrong priorities for teachers, schools and children.

Sutton schools have had to face a 15% real-terms funding cut over the last few years and face a further 5% under the government’s so-called ‘fairer funding’ formula. Sutton already has the fourth highest number of classes with over 30 pupils in outer London, and this figure could get larger as funding is reduced.

Real term cuts in funding will have major effects on schools and teachers, whether academy or maintained. This will further erode terms and conditions, increase workload and impede pay progression for teachers.

As more schools become academies, the coverage of the national School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document and Burgundy Book will narrow and these protections will gradually wither away. This makes teaching a less attractive profession, compounding teacher shortages.

The NUT is asking the Government not to implement the real terms cuts that will affect ALL schools. Primary schools and small schools suffer disproportionately when funding is cut, and even academies will be hit hard.


The NUT’s three conditions to Ms Morgan for cancelling the strike are:

  1. Fund schools sufficiently to cover the growing staff costs imposed on them, such as increased National Insurance contributions.
  2. Tell academies they must at least have regard to national terms and conditions.
  3. Promise meaningful talks to look for a full resolution of the dispute.