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Teachers are not badly paid but they are underpaid:
Average teacher pay has fallen by £6000 over the last 10 years from £42,500 to £36,500.
Teacher pay is significantly below that of private sector graduates in every region of Britain. It is most acute in London, the SE and Eastern where it is 25% behind. In all, teachers have seen headline pay rise by only 4% since 2010.
Cost of living is rising:
Like everyone else, few teachers under 45 own their own home and the cost of rents is high and keeps rising. Rents have risen by 15% since 2010. CPI (an inflation measure) is now 2.9%
There is a growing shortage of teachers
There is both a recruitment and a retention problem.
More teachers are leaving the profession than ever before more than 50,000 left last year often burnt out by long hours and too little trust. Only 10,000 retired which is the lowest number for many years and has fallen by 40%, but the number walking out on the job has risen by 37%.
The Government missed their teacher recruitment target for the fourth year running, they were short by 20,000 teachers last year.
The vacancy rate has increased by 165% since 2010
In London, a quarter of schools have posts that they haven’t been able to fill with a permanent teacher and they are having to rely on supply teachers.