Sutton Teachers’ Committee (STC) is the group comprising of officers of the teacher unions and associations in the London Borough of Sutton, elected onto the committee by their respective organisations. Currently we have representatives of NAHT, NASUWT, NUT, and ATL.

We are not unique to Sutton as most Local Authorities nationally have similar groups. The Sutton committee has been in existence for more than 40 years.

What we do

The committee meets 8 or 9 times a year and discusses local and national educational issues and initiatives and how they impact on teachers in the Borough. We also discuss casework either individual or joint if appropriate.

Each union group will feed back to their members either as a standing agenda item, in a newsletter or via a website.

STC meets with the Strategic Director and other officers 3 times a year to discuss any local or relevant national issues. STC also represents teachers on the Schools’ Forum, Children, Young People and Learning Health and Safety Committee and the Sutton Joint Health and Safety Committee. As a consequence of the Council’s decision not to have teacher representation on its committee discussing education issues, STC made the decision to have a representative in the public area who will request to speak if appropriate.

Some recent topics discussed

  • Performance Management Policies.
  • Pay Policies.
  • SEN – Proposed changes in the draft Bill.
  • Issues in schools – eg staff morale.
  • Stress – STC had reps on the initial working party to identify triggers and suggest ways of working to alleviate these.
  • Supporting staff in academies.
  • ‘Middle Tier’ proposals for Primary schools and the possible effect on staff employment.
  • Council changes / cut-backs as they affect staff and officers who support education.

Further Information 

If you want to find out more about STC or perhaps have a topic that you would like raised at the committee you can come to your local union or association meeting or get in touch with your local secretary or appropriate local contact.


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